Alex Takton Featuring Big Mike and Godxilla - Superhero

This cover is lit ain't it?

This cover is lit ain't it?

Great Lakes Music is here! The second single from Alex's debut LP "Superhero" is here to bump for your summer. This track was produced by DJ Pain 1. It features down south legend O.G. Big Mike and the music production weapon known as Godxilla. The collaboration is rounded out with the vocals of Treva La Viva on the plash of sexy. Thanks again to Shawn Matthew for his help with the shoot and the camera. Enjoy the video, buy the album, stream the album, share the album, be the album yeaaaahhh.

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Alex Takton - Halloween Night

Alex Takton is back with an instant Halloween classic, "Halloween Night." Everyone around here loves Halloween and Alex is no exception. Check out the new single which can be heard on his debut LP "The Automatic Truth." 

The song and video were produced mastered mixed and edited by Godxilla. Shawn Matthew assistant camera and Treva La Viva on background vocals. 

Alex Takton Timeout Feat. Godxilla and Treva La Viva

Timeout Timeout Get Your Squad On The Bench

Timeout Timeout Get Your Squad On The Bench

One night me and Al were sitting at the Fiserv Forum Watching the Bucks whup the daylights out of some unlucky team. The team was getting beaten so badly that they needed a timeout and I was like Al we should make a song for a moment like this when the Bucks have a full head of steam. 

Well life went on and Al never forgot about it (I forget about songs all the time). Right before we went to Game 5 to see the Celtics get eliminated Al said he wanted to do the song. So we dropped everything we were doing to show our support for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

The Song is titled "Timeout" Performed by Alex Takton. It features me and Treva La Viva on the song. Saxophones were played by Derrick L. Williams and the drums were played by Brian Czach both out of Nashville. Memphis doesn't have a post season so I converted those guys into bucks fans.  Then we got the true 414 veteran DJ and Producer Moses on the cuts.

We couldn't have shot this video with out the illest dancing ref/camera man Shawn Matthew with the moves like Jagger.  

I would also like to point out and let history record the fact that A Train flaked out on this shoot when he invited himself to come and help because as he said "I Might as well come and help I have to be up anyways." Lies man all F-n lies! It's one week later and he still hasn't shown his face, I'll see him though LOL.